ABA Banking Journal

Monthly magazine of the American Bankers Association-exists to help managers and executives at commercial and savings banking institutions succeed in the competitive financial services market. The publication identifies and explores relevant business and societal trends, and helps bankers cope with the legislative and regulatory issues.

American Banker

American Banker is a leading information resource serving the banking and financial services community. The daily print edition of American Banker was first published in 1835. Its online counterpart has been live since 1996. The site is organized into vertical market segments and also contains the home pages of the sister publications U.S. Banker and Bank Technology News.

Bank Rate

A leading aggregator of financial rate information, offering depth and breadth of rate data and financial content. Bank Rate continually surveys approximately 4,800 financial institutions in all 50 states in order to provide clear, objective, and unbiased rates to consumers. Bankrate.com, provides free rate information to consumers on more than 300 financial products, including mortgages (also credit cards, new and used automobile loans, money market accounts, certificates of deposit, checking and ATM fees, home equity loans and online banking fees).

Housing Wire

HousingWire.com is a leading independent source for news, commentary and analysis covering the entire mortgage banking and financial markets. Staffed by a core team of experienced journalists and editors, HousingWire.com delivers breaking news and opinions on U.S. housing and mortgage finance. HouseWire is one of the few media platforms that has successfully blurred the line between trade media and financial media, with the goal of establishing the leading financial news source covering U.S. housing.

HSH® Associates

HSH.com® is the nation's largest publisher of mortgage and consumer loan information. It has been in business for 30 years. HSH is an objective, independent source of information about consumer loans. HSH does not make or broker mortgages and is not beholden to any lender.

Mortgage Mag

Indexes to web sites containing information related to lending, finance and real estate. MortgageMag provides lists of companies which supply products and services to these industries. Companies can post their information for free.

Mortgage News Daily

For industry professionals, Mortgage News Daily serves as a leading source of breaking news, information, expert commentary and opinion. For consumers, it provides education via thousands of pages of informaton related to mortgage, real estate and housing matters. Through the collaborative environment created by Mortgage News Daily, professional members of our community answer thousands of questions submitted by consumers, creating a vast knowledge base. Combined with its search engine presence, this library of information draws tens of thousands of consumers to its website each week.

Mortgage Org

Mortgage Org is the leading online news site covering the real estate finance industry. Its daily news wire covers all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate worlds: origination, securitization, servicing, regulatory changes, government policies and the industry’s impact on the national and global economies.

Mortgage Servicing News

The mission of Mortgage Servicing News is to be a primary source for credible and current information for and about the mortgage servicing and mortgage asset servicing business for mortgage bankers, banks, third party servicers, investors and others involved in the mortgage servicing business.

Mortgage Spectator

Mortgage Spectator is intended to be the first click daily to stay on top of events shaping the mortgage finance and housing industry. It scans local, national and international news outlets and worldwide industry publications each and every day for “insightful” real estate news, commentary and analysis covering the entire mortgage banking and housing industry.

National Mortgage News

Provides timely, accurate and insightful mortgage related information to the banking, mortgage banking and investment communities.

National Mortgage Professional Magazine

National Mortgage Professional Magazine provides real time information about on originations, settlement and servicing. It connects the mortgage professional community under various media formats. The publication and its online website is staffed by an exceptional team of industry-seasoned monthly contributors, all with meaningful expertise in their respectful disciplines.

National Association of Realtors Magazine

REALTOR® magazine is the official magazine of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and the business tool for real estate professionals. The magazine advances real estate best practices, brings expert insight to significant trends, and provides REALTORS® with timely decision-making tools on business purchases and strategies.

Reverse Mortgage Daily

Reverse Mortgage Daily is a premier independent source for news, commentary, and analysis covering the reverse mortgage industry. More than 25,000 reverse mortgage professionals rely on Reverse Mortgage Daily for their real time news and insight to stay on top of the growing marketplace.

Reverse Review

The Reverse Review is a monthly publication geared toward the continued education of professionals both within the reverse and forward mortgage business. The magazine's goal each month is to provide its readership with insight into the rapidly growing and changing reverse mortgage industry. It does this by providing its audience with thoughtful and educational articles contributed by prominent members of the reverse sector who offer advice based on their personal experience and professional expertise.

Scotsman Guide

Scotsman Guide is a leading resource for mortgage originators and publishes nationally every month in separate residential and commercial editions. It offers one free, ongoing subscription to every mortgage loan origination office that brokers loans in the United States.